Horror on the Tube

If you're a fan horror, you will notice a decent amount of TV shows which contains the elements of horror in them on a regular basis. I'm only making note of this because the number seems to be higher than usual...and for the most part, these are great programs. Let's take a look.

Masters of Horror - Horror fans can be a very finicky bunch of people to please. Rarely do they get blown away by a movie or program. The critics for MoH are no exception. Most episodes are either loved or loathed. I seem to be in the minority because I've enjoyed every episode, some much more than others but all are watchable (though I believe Season 2 had a slight drop off). You get combine some of the best horror directors and writers together with a minimum budget a enjoyable stories should unfold. Hopefully the series keeps going for a few more years, which a variety of directors and writers so it doesn't get repetitive.

Favorites from Season 1: Jenifer, Cigarette Burns
Favorites from Season 2: Sounds Like

Supernatural - I compare this show to the X-Files in the fact there are two types of episodes. The ones which deal with monsters, urban legends, and things that go bump in the night; and ones which advance the main storyline of a powerful demon's plans to end mankind. At the heart of the program is the relationship between the Winchester brothers and how they deal with this responsibility. This is simply fun television, with some decent scares thrown in the mix.

Lost - This show helped to change television. After the explosive pilot, every week felt like a must see movie premiere. Characters are the soul of the program, but almost every episode features elements of horror - ghosts, mysterious creatures, strange noises, premonitions, on the list goes on and on. The shows gives very human characters with strengths and flaws, but makes the viewer care about each one. So many questions have opened up on the series, and for every one answered it seems a new questions open. Now the writers have an end point, I can see everything coming together to hopefully satisfy our curiosity.

Heroes - Taking a spin from Lost, the program puts an array of characters together with super powers and manages to humanize them all, regardless of intentions. It asks a lot of questions and sets up many scenarios, but it also gives the viewers answers. The very nature is more of a fantasy, but hey fantasy is horror's first cousin (along with science fiction). A rewarding show, which had me hooked after the first episode.

Nip/Tuck - I love this show, but I debated on adding it to the list. Then thought why the hell not. The horror that lies with in this program is the horror of human nature and what people are capable of doing to each other. And on this show, that is a lot. Last season was a small dip from the previous ones, which included Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara dealing murder, feeding bodies to alligators, transsexuals, drug smugglers, white supremacists, porn, and so much other strangeness; but Season 4 still had organ smuggling.

Dexter - The concept alone had me from the first episode. A forensic detective who also a serial killer, but he only murders the extremely bad people. I caught the first few episodes when I had free Showtime for a week, no I cant wait for it to come out on DVD.

The Dead Zone, Ghost Whisperer, Medium - Honestly, I've never seen theses show. But it's are still on after their first season...may be I should check them out.

Check these past favorites (alright I didn't watch all of them on a regular basis) out on DVD: X-Files, Twin Peaks, Tales from the Crypt, Dead Like Me, The Twilight Zone, and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Charmed.

I'm certain there are more out there, just cant think of any at the moment. Let me know if I've missed any.

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