Wrestling #2: Candido Cup Thoughts

I went to IWAMS's first annual Candido Cup Tournament, held over Friday & Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The show had some great tag teams from the indy scene with the likes of the The Basham Brothers, 2.0, North Star Express, Tomaselli's, Blackout, and the Havana Pitbulls (unfortunately Arrogance had to pull out due to an injury to Scott Lost). Throw in Homicide & Lowki with Axl Rotten & Mickie Knuckes with BJ Whitmer & Davey Richards with an appearance of legendary Ricky Morton, this was shaping up to be a nice tourny. This time around, the winner would also win the IWAMS Tag Champions.

If you want until to watch the event spoiler free, then skip the rest of the post.

Going into it, I figured one of the regular teams would win like the Tomaselli's or Bashams (thus setting up a kick ass feud with Bad Breed once Ian returns from injury --- something which will probably still happen). So I wasn't all that surprised to see Vito & Sal Tomaselli win the titles back. And in Chicago, these guys are hugely popular. I works for the promotion. The big surprised were some of the teams that advanced, like Cheech & Cloudy in the finals. I admit, these guys are entertaining but I'm a little confused on why they made it that far. And the whole run by Whitmer & Richards just seemed to set up a first round match for the TPI, which I find fun how the story was incorporated with their big singles tourny, but it could have happened early in the tourny.

Directly after the two day show, I came away entertained but a little disappointed. Maybe I expected a little more from this tournament. Maybe I was a little angry it didn't play out the way I thought it should. Maybe I was over thinking the whole thing and should just be content. I still suggest getting the DVD from Smart Mark Video when it's released. You could do a lot worse for indy actions and as I said before, it is an entertaining wresltling show.

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