Wrestling #4: The Tragic Death of the Benoit's

Like many fans in the wrestling world, the death of Chris Benoit and his family has left me deeply saddened, pissed off, and confused.

When the news first broke that Benoit and his family was found dead, I felt heavy hearted because a great performer was gone. A man who gave it his all each and every time out would never be seen again. I teared up. I was emotional. But not as emotional as maybe I should have been. This guy was one of my favorite workers. And I knew the reason why...the way the police found the bodies. Deep down, I knew it was going to be grim. Either they entire Benoit family was murdered by an outside source or the brutality was committed by one of the parents.

I watched the RAW tribute to Chris Benoit. I cried. I listened to his peers talk about how decent of a person he was and he loved his family to his fullest extent. When the show was over, I turned off the TV and waited until morning, with an uneasiness in my stomach, for more news to break.

On Tuesday the details of the event came to light. It was in fact my worse fear, a murder-suicide. Benoit strangled his wife Nancy, smothered his son with a pillow, then hung himself in the weight room. Steroids and human growth hormones were found in the house and the police tracked down where the substances were purchased. Track marks were found in 7 year Daniel's arm; the speculation is that since the child was undersized Benoit felt the need to put chemicals into his system. All of this makes me sick to stomach. How could a man who appeared to be so noble on the wrestling stage, be such a monster in real life?

And rightfully so the media has turned this into a crusade against wrestling. This form of entertainment is being put through the ringer. It's no secrets steroids are rampant in the industry, especially at the top levels, and some measures need to be taken as too many performers die too young. But that is a topic for another day.

Certainly more details of this horrible event will unfold in the weeks to come and I wont like hearing one bit of it. My opinion on Chris Benoit the wrestler will never change. He was one of the greatest in ring performers to lace up the boots. But my opinion of the man Chris Benoit is forever altered. I am disgusted by the actions he committed and because of this, I'm not certain a match of his will ever again be viewed by eyes. It will take a long time for the wound to heal.

It brings me to a thought about people in general: No matter how close you are to another person or how much you think you know another person; you truly never do.

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