Low Budget Originality

I'll be honest. I tend to be more forgiving on an average lower budget horror movie, than a big budget studio movie that is equally as mundane. Let's explore why I have this mentally (other than my slight negative bias towards the stifling Hollywood system).

The independently produced film usually has more freedom for the players (I use this term to some up the entire crew from writers, directors, producers, actors, and other staff) to work freely and express ideas which could be shied away from by the constraints of Hollywood. This freedom can result in a new twist on an old story, exploration of a taboo subject matter, and loads more of gore. It also forces these players to use innovation and their brains to get the most out their money.

The other place to find this items in other countries. I often turn to horror movies from other corners of the globe to see new, refreshing ideas. It's fascinating to me to watch horror from another cultures unravel, though many Asian Horror films these days have been following a trend of the haunted object and creepy ghost child.

The above statements do not apply to every film. Many low budget and foreign movies are absolute crap, just as some Studio flicks are damn good. I guess it all comes down to the fact that with all the extra money spent one a big budget Hollywood movie, the end results should turn out better. And originality instead of regurgitated material.

I'd like to expand more on this subject, but just wanted to lay out the ground work right now. In the meantime...

Here's some lower budget horror, sci-fi, and foreign made movies I've seen recently that grabbed my attention. You may want to check them out.
- The Hunt
- Altered
- The Fountain
- Wilderness
- 13 Tzametti
- Roman
- Dark Remains
- Head Trauma
- Strange Circus