120 Essential Horror Films (part 4)

Welcome to the last of my series on essential horror flicks. If you dont know the reasoning behind the list by now, go back to the first entry and start from there.

This section is from 1990 to present day. During this time period, the Hollywood studio system became even more restricted and became more dedicated to the big box office receipts. The good news is the US independent film scene exploded with thoughtful and innovative movies. We also saw an explosion in world cinema with more countries producing more films every year.

81. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (released 1990, made in 1986)

This one is odd. It was made in 1986, but censors -- I mean the MPAA -- deemed an X rating. Finally it was released in 1990 with the new NC-17 rating and found a cult following on video. This is one of the best movies about a serial killer ever made. No glam or glitz, just pure dark emotions that unravel the viewer.

82. Misery (1990)-
The sledgehammer scene still gives me the chills. A great acted film which is very intense.

83. Scream(1990)-
A true classic that sprung new life into the genre by breaking all the rules the genre created...and letting the audience in on the joke.

84. Tremors (1990)-

What's not to like about this creature feature. It has aged well with time.

85. Begotten (1991)-
I'm not sure how to even describe this work of art. Gruesome imagery is all I come up with
in this story with no dialog.

86. The Resurrected (1991)-
A great H.P. Lovecraft tale which makes an outstanding flick. One of several entries by screenwriter Dan O'Bannon on my list.

87. Candyman (1992)-
This may be the scariest movie based on a Clive Barker story ever made. Just dont say his name three times!

88. Cemetery Man (1994)-

Love conquers all...even death. Or does it? This cemetery caretaker attempts to find out and make sense of it.

89. The Kingdom (1994)-
This Dutch masterpiece is down right freaky. One of the most terrifying flicks about hauntings.

90. Mute Witness (1994)-
An interesting movie set in Russia about a mute who witnesses a snuff film being made, then the makers come after her.

91. Seven (1995)-
This movie puts you on the edge of you seat. Beautifully filmed and well acted, it is evil at its core.

92. Tokyo Fist (1995)-

A Japanese entry here about fighting, love, and body mutilation. The damage this trio does not only to their body, but their minds is terrifying.
RELATED FILMS: Fight Club, Tetsou II

93. Funny Games (1997)-
Some kids in a remote village terrorize a couple on vacation. Truly horrific because it could easily happen (and does). Another foreign entry.

94. Ringu (1998)-
Japan came up with an overabundance of long haired, spooky female ghost movies over the last few years. It's part of their culture. I think this one is the creepiest.
REALTED FILMS: Dark Water, Phone, Ju Dou: The Grudge

95. Audition (1999)-

If you love bizarre and possibly even offensive movies and have not yet discovered Japanese director Takeshi Miike, you must do so immediately. He is fantastic and many of his flicks have to be seen to be believed. This is no exception.
RELATED FILMS: {Miike films} Vistor Q, Gozo, Ichi the Killer

96. The Blair Witch Project (1999)-
This is an example of great marketing for a movie that cost damn near nothing to make. A simply concept, lets make a documentary about a witch by going into the woods where it is suppose to live. Sounds like a great time to me.

97. The Sixth Sense (1999)-
After you set through the movie, you want to beat yourself in the head for not figuring it out. It's that simple. Guess it proves how much a person can get sucked into a good film.

98. Battle Royale (2000)-

A Japanese movie about a game show which puts a bunch of kids on an island in a fight to the end. There can only be one winner. It's Lord of the Flies on octane!
REALTED FILMS: Suicide Club,

99. Ginger Snaps(2000)-
This is a darn good werewolf movie. Enough said.

100. The Isle (2000)-
A Korean entry by Ki-duk Kim that's borderline horror, but I love it. Love and suicide can sum it up best.

101. The Devil's Backbone(2001)-
Guillermo Del Toro made this ghost tale in Mexico before moving onto big budget Hollywood pictures. The man has a gift for storytelling threw a lens.

102. Donnie Darko (2001)-

It's just a weird damn movie that's sort of about time manipulation.

103. Frailty (2001)-
A father believes he is on a mission from God to destroy demons in human bodies. Needless to say it has some affects on his two sons.

104. Session 9 (2001)-
This is creepy film about a haunted psychiatric ward being renovated.
RELATED FILM: The Machinist

105. 28 Days Later (2002)-
A zombie movie that's not really a zombie movie. Turned the genre upside and never looked back.

106. Dog Soldiers(2002)-
A group of soldiers run moves in a dense forest which happens to be inhabited by werewolves.

107. In My Skin(2002)-
This French movie is about a woman who become obsessed with her body after a life altering accident.

108. Irreversible (2002)-

Another French movie that is very hard to watch because of one scene. It plays out so real that it's scary. A very unique movie.

109. Requiem of a Dream (2002)
The horrors of drugs and its users. Simple enough.

110. Haute Tension (2003)-
A surreal serial killer flick from France which will have you shaking your head at the end and thinking.

111. Open Water (2003)-
Ever been lost at sea. Without a boat. And sharks circling you. Me neither, nor do I want to.

112. Club Dread (2004)-
An awesome horror comedy which plays up the serial killer subgenre.

113. Old Boy(2004)-

Another movie from Korea, this time for Chan-woo Park. He loves revenge flicks and this is an entertaining one.
RELATED FILMS: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Lady Vengeance

114. Saw (2004)-
It didn't event torture in movies, but it started a whole new subgenre in the horror realm. An outstanding picture.

115. Shaun of the Dead (2004)-

Horror and comedy at its best in this send up of the zombie movie.

116. The Descent(2005)-
Claustrophobia sets in as a group of women get trapped inside some caves and find out their are not alone.

117. Feast (2005)-

A nice creature movie that has a little bit of everything, some scares, some gore, some comedy, and some skin.

118. Hard Candy (2005)-
A movie that's difficult to watch because of its subject matter. It makes you think after watching it.

119. Slither (2006)-

All that is good about horror is rolled up in this one.

120. To be announced at a later date. Surely there is something for 2007 that deserves to be on here.

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