Serial Novels: Odd Thomas

Dean Koontz created an incredible likable character in Odd Thomas. He's a young man with the ability to see the ghosts of people that don't quite want to move onto the next world as well as other aberrations. He's just a good nature person who accepts his gift and is compelled to help others in need, usually at his own personal sacrifice.

The first book deals with him trying to prevent a mass murder in his hometown. The story is far from as simplistic as it may sound. This is really where you get a sense of Odd's strange childhood, his gift, his girlfriend Stormy, and his friends. As well as the folks living in the town of Pico Mundo.

The second book has him helping a childhood friend who has been kidnapped. Through twists and turns we find the kidnappers really wanted Odd and his abilities and they will set off a bomb if he doesn't comply with their wishes.

In the third we find Odd living in a Monastery in hopes to gain some peace in his world. Of course, strange occurrences begin and Odd is forced to find the cause or the Monastery will be destroyed.

I have yet to the read the fourth installment, but it's sitting on a shelf just waiting to be read.


1. Odd Thomas

2. Forever Odd

3. Brother Odd

4. Odd Hours


In Odd We Trust
(graphic novel)

For more on The Odd Thomas series, check out the website Odd Thomas

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