Wrestling #11: Wrapping Up 2007

As the year comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing about the goings on in the world of wrestling in 2007. I thought I would give out some awards on the shows I watch on a regular basis.

RAW MVP: Randy Orton
SMACKDOWN MVP: M.V.P. (how fitting)
TNA MVP: Christian Cage
RoH MVP: Jay & Mark Briscoe
AAA MVP: Cibernetico
Best Tag Team (WWE): Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Best Tag Team (TNA): TIE - Motor City Machine Guns and LAX
Best Tag Team (RoH): Jay and Mark Briscoe
Best Female Wrestler (WWE): Mickie James
Best Female Wrestler (TNA): Gail Kim
Best Female Wrestler (SHIMMER): Sara Del Ray
Best Female Wrestler (AAA): Fabi Apache
2007 Breakout Star (WWE): CM Punk
2007 Breakout Star (TNA): Robert Roode
2007 Breakout Star (ROH): TIE - Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero
2007 Breakout Star (US Indies): Necro Butcher
2007 Breakout Star (AAA): El Zorro
WWE Feud/Angle of the Year: MVP vs Matt Hardy
TNA Feud/Angle of the Year: The Christian Coalition falls apart
RoH Feud/Angle of the Year: The Briscoes vs Kevin Steen & El Generico
AAA Feud/Angle of the Year: El Mesias vs Cibernetico
Best WWE PPV: Wrestlemania 23
Best TNA PPV: I have no idea, haven't seen enough
Best Roh Event: Glory by Honor 6, Night 2
Favorite Title Change: CM Punk winning the ECW Title
Most Magical Moment: Mike Quackenbush winning the TPI
Most Shocking Moment: The death of Chris Benoit

Top 8 Favorite Moments of 2007
1. Glory By Honor 6, Night 2
Sitting front row in the Manhattan Center for this annual RoH event was made even more special by the appearance of Misawa. However this ended up being one of the most incredible events I've ever witnessed live.
2. IWA:MS Ted Petty Invitation Finals
While watching the emotion over come Mike Quackebush, you couldn't help but get emotional too. The entire night was a great journey for one of the US indy's favorite wrestlers.
3.Wrestlemania 23
My first 'mania was a cap off to a great weekend of wrestling with friends. It wasn't the best show I attended over the weekend, but it was the most memorable.
4. The return of Chris Jericho
Yeah, it was a little underwhelming, but it was still Chris Jericho returning.
5. HBK vs John Cena (RAW match was London)
This match just proved that when the WWE let's some of their guys go long in matches, they can wrestle. It was the best match the WWE had in 2007.
6. RoH Doubleshot during Wrestlemania weekend.
Two nights of great wrestling action from the Motor City. RoH out does itself once again. And all the extra events with friends made the weekend that much better.
7. RAW 15th Anniversary special
A fun night, showcasing some great moments in the WWE.
8. Realizing TNA is never going to change
It finally occured to me during late summer after TNA debuted with a two hour progrm. Even though the promotion has a great talent roster, they are not going to alter their haphazard, full speed, comical booking approach. It still saddens me. And I fast forward through much of the show ever week.


My 2007 Horror Wrap Up

Another year is coming to an end. What did the world of horror have for us fanatics in 2007. A little of everything, I suppose, and much of the same as always.

The big studios continued to put out crappy sequels, remakes of vintage horror flicks and movies from Asian in 2007. Most of the ones I watched, aren't worth my time. I learned to use the fast forward button more this year and wait for them to hit cable so I can use my DVR. Yet they continue to make enough at the box office to warrant more of the same for 2008.

But that's to say all was lost in 2007. The good and original horror continues to made on a low budget level or from other countries. Movies like Hatchet, Fido, The Believers, Bug, Severance, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Host, Reincarnation, The Abandoned, Pan's Labyrinth, Unrest, The Hunt, Altered, Wilderness, 13 Tzameti, The Hamiltons, The Fountain, 1408, Death Proof, and Planet Terror are all movies that came out on DVD this year that I can recommend.

There's a lot of programs with a horror element about them. I only watch a handful on a regular basis (Lost, Supernatural, Heroes, Dexter, Masters of Horror, and Nip/Tuck). There's many more that I hear are good shows, but I dont have the time to get involved with them (Ghost Whisperer, Medium, The Dead Zone, The 4400, Bones). Of course you can find more on DVD from TV's past.

I actually started getting into documentary type series this year such as Monster Quest, Destination Truth, Weird Travels, The Unexplained, and Haunted History . Some are better than others, but each entertaining in their own right. And again there are a few more in which I dont watch often, such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters.

I read a lot of books this year, but cant recall any that was released in 2007. I'm normally behind on reading current novels. For some news on the best ones from the year, go to the Horror Writers Association website.

That's my quick and not very detailed review of 2007. Hopefully next year I can commit more time to this blog.

Until next time...

Love on the Web?

I admit it. I've tried an online dating service. Actually at one time or another, I've signed up to a few of the big ones. Hell, I've even paid for a full membership before. You really have to in order to receive full benefits of the web site. And I guess if you compare the number of different women I've went on a date with (2) compared to the number of months I've paid for full privileges (5), the success rate over the years in minimal. Then again I haven't been on a lot of dates from not using a dating site during that time either. That percentage is even lower.

Is there still a stigma attached to online dating? I guess it depends on your comfort level with it. I used to feel awkward about it, but could care less anymore. The reasons are simple.

I'm an introvert and a very hard person to get to know until my comfort level is high. Sometimes, that takes months and I haven't been many relationships that cover a long period of time. I also don't go out much, because I don't enjoy going alone. I never feel like going to a bar and setting around a bunch of strangers while sip a beer and watch the tv. I can do that at home. Plus, I have zero cold walk up skills. If a women sits and talks to me, I can hold a decent conversation for a short time, but I cant start one to save my ass. Also most of my close friends live an hour or more away. They're lazy and don't like to visit or drive. Cant blame them really. I don't enjoy it either, but I try to go stop in at least once a month to few places. So for me, online seems like the easy way to go and try to meet women. I can baby step it and send emails, then a phone call (which I hate too), then hopefully a date. It's all a gamble.

Maybe I'm crazy, but there are a lot of dating sites on the internet and a lot of people searching for a companion. Naturally there are also many fakes out there too. I'm a naturally hesitant person anyways, but some of the scams I've been sent are ridiculous. Girls email saying they are from Russia searching for love or a model stuck in Africa because the promoter is holding their passport for ransom. I wonder what poor sucker falls for this shit.

It's tough in the dating world. Sometimes it seems hopeless. But you cant give up or at least I cant. I'm at the age now where many women are either divorced with kids and starting a new path in life or for whatever reason never got married young. I'm fine with either, as long as it's the right lady. Hell, I've never been married or have children. It takes searching to find another who will put up with all your weirdness and you have to tolerate them too. But it's not impossible. There is not "the one" for you. The earth is too large and populated. All you can hope for is to find "that special someone." There a probably several candidates.

I was never ready for a serious long term relationship in my twenties. I was having too much fun, for the most part. I'm probably behind the curve when it comes to dating, but I have to accept that. Now in my early thirties, I'm ready. Now I just need to start taking more risks to find another.


The Perfect Snow

The holiday season is upon all of us. This is the time we show how much we care and love our family and friends by purchasing them gifts that probably be recycled, exchanged, or forgot about soon after the unwrapping. A person is bombarded with advertisements during the last weeks of the year. And I love how every one of these commercials show "the perfect snow". Light fluffy snow with no wind and just cold enough to not be wet or icy. It's amazing.

I've lived in Indiana my entire life. I been through snowstorms. The "perfect snow" rarely exists. Maybe once or twice in the winter, if you're lucky, the meshing of weather conditions occurs to give this type of look. It's awesome when it does happen, but more often than not snow means cold. Snow means wind. Snow means ice. Snow means I must shovel my drive.

Too bad the perfect snow doesn't visit more often. Maybe winter wouldn't be as bad.


Beauty and Age

In a couple short weeks my birthday roles around. I'll be thirty-four. Not old by any means, but not as too young either. Getting older is not a big deal to me. It's another year of gained experience and knowledge gained that continues to add my over all puzzle. Reflection on my life's hits and misses is what gets me thinking and occasionaly depressed, not the aging.

Maybe I'm a rarity. Some people cant deal with aging and looking older. I've have a couple of friends that way. The mildly flip out about a wrinkle or noticing the maturity gained in your appearance. I'll never understand the reason why they act in this manner.

You also see this often Hollywood, especially with actresss around the age of 40. They get plastic surgery to straighten out wrinkles, shave access fat away around belly, and cut flappy skin off their body. They shoot botox and other drugs into their system to curb the process of aging. And many times, the work is very noticeable and does not look good. You can tell when a one time beauty now has an expression-less face pump full of chemicals, non-blinking eyelids, and constant half smile. Who convinced these once ravishing women that was the way to go? It's not a good look for any person.

Meg Ryan is a perfect example. She was an amazingly beautiful woman. Then one day, her appearances wasn't the same. It wasn't the fact that she was older, it was painfully obvious surgery had happened. Her lips were puffy and facial skin was too tight. The natual beauty was now gone. But not at the hands of father time, instead a knife was to blame. Jenna Jameson is another example and she's only in her early thirties.

Again, I honestly dont understand the thought process behind a person who wants to do that to themselves. I think maturing is sexy and elegant, even if you dont look the same as you did when you was twenty. Hell, most people dont expect it. And those that do..."paging Dr. Knife."



I'm sitting at home and I have the NFL Network. Not watching, just want some noise in the background. I hear the commentators talk about Sean Taylor being killed, the mall shooting in Omaha, and the constant reminder of senseless violence. My mind starts racing about my own mortality and the legacy in which I'll leave behind.

Right now, I'm only a couple of weeks shy of 34 and there's not much of a heritage. No children yet. And since I am the last male in my bloodline, the Kimmel branch dies out with me. Friends and family with and their memories are all that will keep me immortal. But only for while. Eventually those memories will fade out.

If you ask a person how they would like to die, the most popular answer is probably peacefully in your sleep. No one wakes up in the morning and says, "Today I'll slip down the stairs and break my neck" or "How about I get stabbed in the face this afternoon". On occasions I think about how I will die. I'm hope for the old and peaceful thing, but a car accident seems more accurate.

For me, it's hard to live each day as its your last. I'm wake, go to work, come home and do various things. Certainty it's not living life to its fullest and exploring. I'd love to have my bills paid off, a modest house with conveniences, and enough money just to travel across this fantastic world we live in. But I dont. I live pay check to pay check like so many of us in America (which is better off than many places). Maybe I dont understand the concept of "living life to its fullest". And perhaps until I do comprehend it, I wont find another to share this life with and leave a proper legacy.