Beauty and Age

In a couple short weeks my birthday roles around. I'll be thirty-four. Not old by any means, but not as too young either. Getting older is not a big deal to me. It's another year of gained experience and knowledge gained that continues to add my over all puzzle. Reflection on my life's hits and misses is what gets me thinking and occasionaly depressed, not the aging.

Maybe I'm a rarity. Some people cant deal with aging and looking older. I've have a couple of friends that way. The mildly flip out about a wrinkle or noticing the maturity gained in your appearance. I'll never understand the reason why they act in this manner.

You also see this often Hollywood, especially with actresss around the age of 40. They get plastic surgery to straighten out wrinkles, shave access fat away around belly, and cut flappy skin off their body. They shoot botox and other drugs into their system to curb the process of aging. And many times, the work is very noticeable and does not look good. You can tell when a one time beauty now has an expression-less face pump full of chemicals, non-blinking eyelids, and constant half smile. Who convinced these once ravishing women that was the way to go? It's not a good look for any person.

Meg Ryan is a perfect example. She was an amazingly beautiful woman. Then one day, her appearances wasn't the same. It wasn't the fact that she was older, it was painfully obvious surgery had happened. Her lips were puffy and facial skin was too tight. The natual beauty was now gone. But not at the hands of father time, instead a knife was to blame. Jenna Jameson is another example and she's only in her early thirties.

Again, I honestly dont understand the thought process behind a person who wants to do that to themselves. I think maturing is sexy and elegant, even if you dont look the same as you did when you was twenty. Hell, most people dont expect it. And those that do..."paging Dr. Knife."

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