Love on the Web?

I admit it. I've tried an online dating service. Actually at one time or another, I've signed up to a few of the big ones. Hell, I've even paid for a full membership before. You really have to in order to receive full benefits of the web site. And I guess if you compare the number of different women I've went on a date with (2) compared to the number of months I've paid for full privileges (5), the success rate over the years in minimal. Then again I haven't been on a lot of dates from not using a dating site during that time either. That percentage is even lower.

Is there still a stigma attached to online dating? I guess it depends on your comfort level with it. I used to feel awkward about it, but could care less anymore. The reasons are simple.

I'm an introvert and a very hard person to get to know until my comfort level is high. Sometimes, that takes months and I haven't been many relationships that cover a long period of time. I also don't go out much, because I don't enjoy going alone. I never feel like going to a bar and setting around a bunch of strangers while sip a beer and watch the tv. I can do that at home. Plus, I have zero cold walk up skills. If a women sits and talks to me, I can hold a decent conversation for a short time, but I cant start one to save my ass. Also most of my close friends live an hour or more away. They're lazy and don't like to visit or drive. Cant blame them really. I don't enjoy it either, but I try to go stop in at least once a month to few places. So for me, online seems like the easy way to go and try to meet women. I can baby step it and send emails, then a phone call (which I hate too), then hopefully a date. It's all a gamble.

Maybe I'm crazy, but there are a lot of dating sites on the internet and a lot of people searching for a companion. Naturally there are also many fakes out there too. I'm a naturally hesitant person anyways, but some of the scams I've been sent are ridiculous. Girls email saying they are from Russia searching for love or a model stuck in Africa because the promoter is holding their passport for ransom. I wonder what poor sucker falls for this shit.

It's tough in the dating world. Sometimes it seems hopeless. But you cant give up or at least I cant. I'm at the age now where many women are either divorced with kids and starting a new path in life or for whatever reason never got married young. I'm fine with either, as long as it's the right lady. Hell, I've never been married or have children. It takes searching to find another who will put up with all your weirdness and you have to tolerate them too. But it's not impossible. There is not "the one" for you. The earth is too large and populated. All you can hope for is to find "that special someone." There a probably several candidates.

I was never ready for a serious long term relationship in my twenties. I was having too much fun, for the most part. I'm probably behind the curve when it comes to dating, but I have to accept that. Now in my early thirties, I'm ready. Now I just need to start taking more risks to find another.

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