My 2007 Horror Wrap Up

Another year is coming to an end. What did the world of horror have for us fanatics in 2007. A little of everything, I suppose, and much of the same as always.

The big studios continued to put out crappy sequels, remakes of vintage horror flicks and movies from Asian in 2007. Most of the ones I watched, aren't worth my time. I learned to use the fast forward button more this year and wait for them to hit cable so I can use my DVR. Yet they continue to make enough at the box office to warrant more of the same for 2008.

But that's to say all was lost in 2007. The good and original horror continues to made on a low budget level or from other countries. Movies like Hatchet, Fido, The Believers, Bug, Severance, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Host, Reincarnation, The Abandoned, Pan's Labyrinth, Unrest, The Hunt, Altered, Wilderness, 13 Tzameti, The Hamiltons, The Fountain, 1408, Death Proof, and Planet Terror are all movies that came out on DVD this year that I can recommend.

There's a lot of programs with a horror element about them. I only watch a handful on a regular basis (Lost, Supernatural, Heroes, Dexter, Masters of Horror, and Nip/Tuck). There's many more that I hear are good shows, but I dont have the time to get involved with them (Ghost Whisperer, Medium, The Dead Zone, The 4400, Bones). Of course you can find more on DVD from TV's past.

I actually started getting into documentary type series this year such as Monster Quest, Destination Truth, Weird Travels, The Unexplained, and Haunted History . Some are better than others, but each entertaining in their own right. And again there are a few more in which I dont watch often, such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters.

I read a lot of books this year, but cant recall any that was released in 2007. I'm normally behind on reading current novels. For some news on the best ones from the year, go to the Horror Writers Association website.

That's my quick and not very detailed review of 2007. Hopefully next year I can commit more time to this blog.

Until next time...

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