The Perfect Snow

The holiday season is upon all of us. This is the time we show how much we care and love our family and friends by purchasing them gifts that probably be recycled, exchanged, or forgot about soon after the unwrapping. A person is bombarded with advertisements during the last weeks of the year. And I love how every one of these commercials show "the perfect snow". Light fluffy snow with no wind and just cold enough to not be wet or icy. It's amazing.

I've lived in Indiana my entire life. I been through snowstorms. The "perfect snow" rarely exists. Maybe once or twice in the winter, if you're lucky, the meshing of weather conditions occurs to give this type of look. It's awesome when it does happen, but more often than not snow means cold. Snow means wind. Snow means ice. Snow means I must shovel my drive.

Too bad the perfect snow doesn't visit more often. Maybe winter wouldn't be as bad.

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