Wrestling #11: Wrapping Up 2007

As the year comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing about the goings on in the world of wrestling in 2007. I thought I would give out some awards on the shows I watch on a regular basis.

RAW MVP: Randy Orton
SMACKDOWN MVP: M.V.P. (how fitting)
TNA MVP: Christian Cage
RoH MVP: Jay & Mark Briscoe
AAA MVP: Cibernetico
Best Tag Team (WWE): Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Best Tag Team (TNA): TIE - Motor City Machine Guns and LAX
Best Tag Team (RoH): Jay and Mark Briscoe
Best Female Wrestler (WWE): Mickie James
Best Female Wrestler (TNA): Gail Kim
Best Female Wrestler (SHIMMER): Sara Del Ray
Best Female Wrestler (AAA): Fabi Apache
2007 Breakout Star (WWE): CM Punk
2007 Breakout Star (TNA): Robert Roode
2007 Breakout Star (ROH): TIE - Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero
2007 Breakout Star (US Indies): Necro Butcher
2007 Breakout Star (AAA): El Zorro
WWE Feud/Angle of the Year: MVP vs Matt Hardy
TNA Feud/Angle of the Year: The Christian Coalition falls apart
RoH Feud/Angle of the Year: The Briscoes vs Kevin Steen & El Generico
AAA Feud/Angle of the Year: El Mesias vs Cibernetico
Best WWE PPV: Wrestlemania 23
Best TNA PPV: I have no idea, haven't seen enough
Best Roh Event: Glory by Honor 6, Night 2
Favorite Title Change: CM Punk winning the ECW Title
Most Magical Moment: Mike Quackenbush winning the TPI
Most Shocking Moment: The death of Chris Benoit

Top 8 Favorite Moments of 2007
1. Glory By Honor 6, Night 2
Sitting front row in the Manhattan Center for this annual RoH event was made even more special by the appearance of Misawa. However this ended up being one of the most incredible events I've ever witnessed live.
2. IWA:MS Ted Petty Invitation Finals
While watching the emotion over come Mike Quackebush, you couldn't help but get emotional too. The entire night was a great journey for one of the US indy's favorite wrestlers.
3.Wrestlemania 23
My first 'mania was a cap off to a great weekend of wrestling with friends. It wasn't the best show I attended over the weekend, but it was the most memorable.
4. The return of Chris Jericho
Yeah, it was a little underwhelming, but it was still Chris Jericho returning.
5. HBK vs John Cena (RAW match was London)
This match just proved that when the WWE let's some of their guys go long in matches, they can wrestle. It was the best match the WWE had in 2007.
6. RoH Doubleshot during Wrestlemania weekend.
Two nights of great wrestling action from the Motor City. RoH out does itself once again. And all the extra events with friends made the weekend that much better.
7. RAW 15th Anniversary special
A fun night, showcasing some great moments in the WWE.
8. Realizing TNA is never going to change
It finally occured to me during late summer after TNA debuted with a two hour progrm. Even though the promotion has a great talent roster, they are not going to alter their haphazard, full speed, comical booking approach. It still saddens me. And I fast forward through much of the show ever week.

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