The Doctor Is In

So I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Nothing big, just refilling my scribes.

My appointment is for 10:30am. I arrive about 10:20am. A nurse gets me about 10:35am and does the normal routine (weight, blood pressure, looking over the secret chart). I'm thinking man, this going quickly. So I wait for the doctor.

10:50am, and I wait.

11am, and I wait.

11:15am, the door opens and the doctor appears. Looks at the chart and says "Time for some blood work." Writes the note. "Any other problems," he asks. I reply "No, I feel fine." He writes the refills and hands it to me. "Unless there's something unusal in the bloodwork, which I doubt, I see you in 6 months." The doctor is off to another pateint.

Less than 5 minutes. I waited 45 minutes for less than 5 minutes of face time with a doctor who only knows me by what is written in a chart.

I understand that doctors usually have an overload of patients and they want to treat as many as possible. And yes, I know that I wasn't ill and only there for refills. But it's like this every time I go there. Three years and I bet I've talked to this man less than 20 minutes. And he is the person in which in trust to guide my health. Something seems wrong about that...even if I fairly heathly and dont contract major sickness.


Short Term

Lately my short term memory is uh...well I-a...what the hell was I talking about?

But seriously, it's not as sharp as in my 20's. I need to look into a way to improve it. Maybe that damn Brain Game would work. This problem is more frustrating than any thing as it ranges from where did I put an item to what the idea I had a few minutes ago. As far as ideas go, if I don't jot them down they will disappear. Post-it notes and small note pads are everywhere around me. Like I said. Frustrating.

And that is all for today. I cant remember what else I was going to say.

Again, I was kidding.