Political Trail in Indiana

Seeing that Indiana's primaries actually mean something for the first time in years, we have seen our fair share of stops from Borack Obama and Hillary Clinton over the last couple of weeks. And with two left before our votes are tabulated, they will certainly be making more stops.

I bring this up, because the AV company I work for has been called upon several times to provide sound and lights for these events. I'm just going to say up front, these are a pain in the ass. We get about a days notice to put the show together. The person who calls in the order is not the person who is the on site contact. The on-site contact has several helpers and every one of them has an opinion. Therefore, many changes occur when you arrive but you can never really get an answer or true decision to what they want done. Too many people chiming in and no one taking charge. Then there's secret service. All equipment must be set before they can do the final building sweep and no one is allowed in. I understand that, but it adds to the frustration. The rally's are insane, packed with people.

Here are the events I have been apart of so far.

Obama at Ball State, Muncie

Obama at Wayne High School, Fort Wayne

Hillary in Mishawaka

Hillary at Sarah's Restaurant, Fort Wayne

Bill Clinton at the Elks Club, South Bend

I'll be glad when May 6 is crossed off the calander.

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Andrew said...

Thank God this crap is almost over!

So whatchya been doing the past, um, decade?

Forgot you were a pro wrestling fan. Watch this:
More to come.

Hey, and I won't upload "Georgie's Leg" if you don't upload "The Disco Cannibal." Jesus, it feels like forever ago. Ball State looks so different now. Hope you're good.