They're Watching

We as a society are not far from "big brother" always watching and controlling our every aspect of existence. Police officer now use camera to see people run lights and automatic radar detection for speeding. Security cameras are everywhere. The government can see all, including your little web cam show. The Homeland Security basically give the ole US gov cart blanche to take away your rights as a citizen if they deem you suspect.

Maybe I sound paranoid, but you'd be wrong. I'm not trying to hide anything from people or scheming up a crime. I just think that our civil liberties are being taken advantage of by the powers that be and they are disguising as for the safety of the public. And we as US citizens are easy to let the government have its way. Before you realize what happened, it will be to late and normal people will be powerless to stop the change.

In the end, George Orwell may have been right. Only the year, 1984, was a little early.