Lazy Parking

The other day I was at a Dollar General, hey I'm a trifty shopper, picking up some items. The business in located in by a bunch of other businesses in a strip mall type setting. As I'm heading out, I see a car back out from the end of this strip mall at a coffe shop. No big deal, there was plenty of room and ample time allowed for the move. The car made it's way towards the exit only to pull in the other end of the strip mall to a hair salon into a different parking space.

WHAT? I mean the entire strip mall isn't even 50 yards long and the women who got out had zero noticeable disabilities. Now it's her right to move her car from one end to another and I'm probably just being a picky asshole, but that is sheer laziness. You cant park you car, walk to the coffe shop, walk to the salon, then back to your car?

I'm never cease to be amazed at what people do.

EDIT: She didn't park in a disabled spot, she just moved her car from one end to the other. A total of about 20-25 parking spaces.

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Eric Fetcho said...

i firmly agree with this.

I was reading a blog post from some police officer across the country that got in the habit of checking handicap hang tags, and if it came back to a female, and there was only a male in the car when it parked in a handicap spot, he would confront them and issue them a citation. I thought that was cool.

Not only does it take the spots from the people that need them, the people that do this for some reason think they are better than everyone else....and I think that pisses me off more than anything.