One of those days...

I knew it wasn't going to be a good day when the phone woke me up at 6:30am. I was informed that my grandmother went to the hospital and my uncle (her brother) would up date me on her condition later on when they found out more.

Naturally this threw my concentration off from the big set up I needed to do at work. We have large show on Saturday night (we are doing video for a client's annual meeting and I-mag for the entertainment of the evening...The Oak Ridge Boys), which I'm suppose to work. Just to be safe I inform my boss and we put back up plans in place in case I have to get up to Goshen Hospital (about 1.5 hour drive from Fort Wayne). Not having any information is much worse than dealing with known symptoms.

I work through the morning and dont hear a word. About 1pm I call my uncle to find out what in the hell is going on. He said the doctors still dont know, but ruled out any immediate danger like heart troubles. She'd been having issues with her stomach and bowels all week. The hospital was admitting her and going to run tests.

I call my younger sister (the only two direct blood relative left in the Kimmel line) and fill her in. Luckily she works in Goshen and says she'll go to the hospital when she gets off work. She does and I talk with her and my grandma. I decide not to go up there tonight. Things seem to be in check at the moment.

Back to work, and of course problems arise. Bad video lines to the projectors, a CCU with a smashed end (which means we'll have a useless camera), and the entire set up going longer than anticipated. We finally get things figured out and pack away for the day. We have to come in early on Saturday to reconnect camera cables and video cables because we dont want the sound company to smash anything. Better safe than sorry.

I try to work on my bad water line since I still dont have it fixed. I think I finally got the right pieces cut and connections. I get out the brand new tube of instant solder only to find out that it's no good and hard as a rock.

I give up on this shitty day. It wins. Naturally the rest of the night my mind is else where.

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