Random Thoughts

- Road construction while necessary is a pain in the house. It's been going on near my house for 4 months and there is no end in sight.

- I am not a carpenter. This fact I always knew. Carpentry takes precision. My mind is not wired this way. Exact measurements to get an exact outcome. This is also why I'm not a good baker. I tend to be more of a creator and experimentor. A "let's through things together and see what happens" type of guy.

- For the most part, this has been an awesome summer weather wise in the great state of Indiana. Not all that hot and the muggy days have been few and far between. I like this type of weather.

- I grew a garden again this year. It's been rather hit or miss and hasn't yielded as much of a return as last year's crops. I have canned a bunch of dill pickles though. And hopefully the tomatoes and various pepper plants riped before the end of the month. Then it's salsa time!

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Joe said...

I agree about the summer weather - but I am afraid autumn is trying to push summer into an early retirement. I don't dislike fall ... I just don't like the season that follows it. It's nice to have at least one season between you and that nasty four letter word ... s-n-o-w!