40 Hours of Horror

In the tradition of All Hallow's Eve, I decided to make another horror movie themed post (check out last year's 120 Essential Horror Flicks posts). This years I'm gonna mix up some of the genre's best for 40 straight hours, but over a three day period.

I dare you to try this and keep up, of course you're gonna need to have a couple of free days on your hands.

The Haunting (1961), 112m - Let's start out with something simple. Mood. If you look outside, it's not quite dark yet. This film is an excellent way to start off the marathon because it's all about mood & tension. Simply put, sometimes what you dont see is often much more frightening. This is the best haunted house movie ever.

Devil's Backbone (2001), 106m - Another haunted house flick, this one from Spain, but with a different take on the subject. You can see Guillermo Del Toro's touches in this one as it is beautifully shot and equally as eerie.

The Prophecy (1995), 98m - There's nothing more classic in horror (or religion) than a battle between Heaven and Hell. This is a good one as Christopher Walken plays one of his creepiest roles.

Henry: A Portrait of a Serial Killer(1986), 83min - Now it's time to turn it up a notch. This film is one of the most realistic feeling serial killer movies of all time. Brutal. The movie resonates on your psyche long after the credits run across the screen.

VideoDrome (1983), 87min - When you talk David Cronenberg movies, you're talking about the macabre. And this one is about as strange as it gets. James Woods in a great performance.

Near Dark (1987), 94min - Action. Romance. Vampires. This film turned the genre upside with it's take on the fanged ones. Bill Paxton and Lance Henriekson have never been better.

Oldboy (2003), 120min - Let's end the night on a classic tale of revenge from Korea. One of my favorite movies, this all about one man getting even.

Now you've made it through night one, go get some sleep. Another big day of horror movie watching lays ahead.

Carnival of Souls (1962), 78min - Let's get things started tonight with a classic creepy tale of the surreal. You never think of carnivals the same way after this tripped out nightmare.

Little Shop of Horrors (1960), 70min - A classic performance by Jack Nicholason isn't the only reason to watch this Roger Corman classic. It's a fun ride from the beginning to the end.

Dawn of the Dead (1978), 126min - What kind of horror marathon wouldn't have a zombie flick. And this one of the best of all time. Plenty of gore and a not so subtle theme run throughout this George Romero gem.

Inside (2007), 83min - Let's turn to France for one of the best horror flicks of the year. If you a pregnant, single mother to be in her third trimester then you've been warned. Sick and twisted with an ending the does right by the tale. No Hollywood gloss here.

Toxic Avenger (1985), 87min - One of the best from the land Troma. Campy fun with over the top gore and plenty of boobs. A fun horror movie to watch.

Deep Red: The Hatchet Murders (1975), 126min - Let's turn to the Italian master of giallo, for our next film. Murder and gore have never been so stylish.

Fright Night (1985), 104min - A under rated vampire movie from the 80's. Just the right amount of scares and comedy thrown in with a great performance by Roddy McDowell.

That's the end of night two. One more to go. We get an early start.

Phantom of the Opera (1925), 93min - The silent classic is one of the great Lon Chaney's best performances.

Last Man on Earth 1964, 83min - Vincent Price kills vampire mutated humans. The best version of the Richard Matheson tale I Am Legend.

The Eye (2002), 99min - A ghost story from Thailand that puts the US remake to shame. Creepy from the beginning.

Repulsion (1965), 105min - Roman Polanski makes the list with this horrifying tale of women who slowly sleeps into insanity.

Halloween (1978), 91min - Seriously. It's Halloween. How could you not watch this slasher masterpiece.

Candyman (1992), 99min - This movie still gives me goose bumps. The mood in this one is excellent as it's one of the best Clive Barker stories to be translated to the big screen.

30 Days of Night (2007), 113min - A pure slaughterhouse of a vampire film set in Alaska.

Dead Alive (1992), 104min - If you want one of the most over the top and possibly goriest movies ever made, then this Peter Jackson movie is for you. People turn into zombies and people die. Simple, right? Pure fun in this one.

The Mist (2007) 126min - Let's close the marathon with a great adaptation from a Stephen King novel. This film is fantastic all around with one of the most impressive endings in a horror movie ever.

Congrats. You've made it through this little sample of horror treats. Hope you had fun with this as I've tried to cover some of every thing.


Palin Rally

We're a currently in coming towards the end of the busiest 12 day stretch we've had in awhile. I'm not in "work shape" this days. I hurt. I'm tired. Been sitting around the office doing nothing too much this summer and it shows when I have a busy run of events.

I had work the Palin Rally on Saturday at the Fort Wayne Coliseum. We were hired to set up teleprompter and possibly run it for Hank Williams Jr., Governor Palin had her own guy run hear prompt. So basically I worked for 11 hours, but only did about 2 hours of actual work with setting up and tearing down the teleprompter system. I also got to wear the pin, which means I was one of about 4 people allowed to get within 10 feet of the stage without Secret Service jumping, tackling, or shooting you. The dont see the pin on you shirt, they attack. This is the third time I've had to wear the pin, which means the US Government does not consider me a threat to National Security. So I guess I got that going for me.

Before I go farther, let me state that I am not party officiated. I vote for the person who I believe is telling the less amount of bullshit to the American public and views fit what I believe in best. Currently I am still undecided.

The Coliseum was jammed packed, over 10,000 people. Palin is a fantastic public speaker who feeds off the crowd, which was loud and excited. I was really impressed with how she handles herself.

And I got see Hank Williams Jr play a few of his songs. That's was cool as I've been a fan of his for years. His acoustic version of "A Country Boy Can Survive" rocked the house.

After a long day, I'm tearing down equipment. My IPod is cranked as some one asks me a question. I pull the headphones from my ears and finish the conversation. It's then I notice the rubber part on my left side headphone is missing. I start looking around as this is not the first time it has fallen off. Then I notice my left ear irritated and sounds slightly muffled. The only conclusion I come up with is that the rubber end is stuck in my ear! I go to bathroom to look, but cant see that deep inside. I cant feel it either. So I finish the load out and go home. The first thing I do is check out my ear because it's really starting to bother me. I get a flashlight, tweezers, and stand in front of my bathroom mirrors, which fortunately open up to a cabinet. Sure enough I can see barely see a grey rubber piece deep in my ear. Luckily on the third try I managed to pluck it out. Thought I was going to have to head to the Emergency Room.

Just another Saturday.


- I honestly never thought gas would drop below $3 again. I'm glad it has though. Passed a gas station on Goshen Road today (in Fort Wayne, IN) and saw it at $2.78

- I'm watching too much TV this fall. I never used to watch this many shows regularly on TV. I blame the DVR. I set it and forget it - just like the Ronrico Rotessiere! Then I watch it on my own time. Because of this, not watching as many movies or wrestling.

- Halloween is my favorite as I enjoy a good scare. I'm probably heading to Indy for that weekend to hang with pals and consume adult beverages.

- I am addicted to Google Reader. I love getting hordes of RSS feeds and updates from several sites that I'd never check on a regular basis. It's becoming a great waster of time. Good thing I have plenty of it at the moment.

- Working though some more short stories. Trying to get some ready to post on here. Poems are coming every month, but there old.

- My saga of the broken water line continues. I'll go into more details in another post but the short version is I've thrown the white flag.

- Not sure why, but I'm really getting into live music lately. I think it's because I enjoy hearing familiar tunes in a slightly different way, which often happens at concerts.

- Found some great websites for trading old books, cd's, and DVD's. I highly recommend checking out these places if you have items to get rid of and on the search for new forms of entertainment.

- Also started writing some stuff now and again for a couple friends on their Russ-N-Rojo website. The link is off to the side if you care to check it out.


The Cubs Disappoint, Again

This year, the Chicago Cubs really had a shot at winning the World Series. They had a solid pitching staff, good hitters, and outstanding defense for the entire season. These traits led them to the best record in the National League.

Then the playoffs began. And it all fell apart.

In Game 1, Ryan Dempster failed to be even close to the dominant pitcher he was a Wrigley this year. He walked several batters and gave up a grand slam from which the team never recovered from. And from the first pitch, the fans at Wrigley made not a sound. How can you not get pumped up for the playoffs?

In Game 2 the defense failed. Six errors lead to many runs and again the Cubs could never catch up.

In Game 3, the Cub's bats started to wake up a bit. But they left too many men on base in scoring position and simply got beaten by the better team.

Not to take anything any from the Dodgers, who are hitting stride at the right time and played very well, but the Cubs should have done better. They have at least put up a fight.

And so the mantra for true Cubs fans goes..."Wait till next year".


James Dean Festival

Over the weekend I had to work at the James Dean Festival in his hometown of Fairmount, IN. The different type of people that congregate in this small town is fascinating. There's the local townies, fans of James Dean, classic car buffs, people caught up in the 50's, and traveling tourists from all corners of the US.

We (the company I work for) was doing wireless simulcasts from a park where activities were being held to the downtown area onto an LED wall. It was rather high tech stuff for a festival this size.

The good part of the two event was the nice weather and surprising amount of beauties in attendance. The bad, was hearing the same songs over and over, not having any protection from the sun, and living on junkfood alley (all the lemon shake ups and pork tenderloins you can handle - for an unreasonable price of course).

After two 16 hour long days, our part of the event was finished. And with the exception of our main power being pulled due to the bum rushing of the stage (yes, you read correctly), the event went off successfully. It was a learning experience for both parties. I always try to think about how to make an event easier for the techs and still get what the client expects. They are several improvements to made on this event. But the pet parade, lasso rock contest, a couple of 50's bands, and the James Dean look a like contest was now in our past. Next year, we might do even more...dual simulcasts!