The Cubs Disappoint, Again

This year, the Chicago Cubs really had a shot at winning the World Series. They had a solid pitching staff, good hitters, and outstanding defense for the entire season. These traits led them to the best record in the National League.

Then the playoffs began. And it all fell apart.

In Game 1, Ryan Dempster failed to be even close to the dominant pitcher he was a Wrigley this year. He walked several batters and gave up a grand slam from which the team never recovered from. And from the first pitch, the fans at Wrigley made not a sound. How can you not get pumped up for the playoffs?

In Game 2 the defense failed. Six errors lead to many runs and again the Cubs could never catch up.

In Game 3, the Cub's bats started to wake up a bit. But they left too many men on base in scoring position and simply got beaten by the better team.

Not to take anything any from the Dodgers, who are hitting stride at the right time and played very well, but the Cubs should have done better. They have at least put up a fight.

And so the mantra for true Cubs fans goes..."Wait till next year".

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