Palin Rally

We're a currently in coming towards the end of the busiest 12 day stretch we've had in awhile. I'm not in "work shape" this days. I hurt. I'm tired. Been sitting around the office doing nothing too much this summer and it shows when I have a busy run of events.

I had work the Palin Rally on Saturday at the Fort Wayne Coliseum. We were hired to set up teleprompter and possibly run it for Hank Williams Jr., Governor Palin had her own guy run hear prompt. So basically I worked for 11 hours, but only did about 2 hours of actual work with setting up and tearing down the teleprompter system. I also got to wear the pin, which means I was one of about 4 people allowed to get within 10 feet of the stage without Secret Service jumping, tackling, or shooting you. The dont see the pin on you shirt, they attack. This is the third time I've had to wear the pin, which means the US Government does not consider me a threat to National Security. So I guess I got that going for me.

Before I go farther, let me state that I am not party officiated. I vote for the person who I believe is telling the less amount of bullshit to the American public and views fit what I believe in best. Currently I am still undecided.

The Coliseum was jammed packed, over 10,000 people. Palin is a fantastic public speaker who feeds off the crowd, which was loud and excited. I was really impressed with how she handles herself.

And I got see Hank Williams Jr play a few of his songs. That's was cool as I've been a fan of his for years. His acoustic version of "A Country Boy Can Survive" rocked the house.

After a long day, I'm tearing down equipment. My IPod is cranked as some one asks me a question. I pull the headphones from my ears and finish the conversation. It's then I notice the rubber part on my left side headphone is missing. I start looking around as this is not the first time it has fallen off. Then I notice my left ear irritated and sounds slightly muffled. The only conclusion I come up with is that the rubber end is stuck in my ear! I go to bathroom to look, but cant see that deep inside. I cant feel it either. So I finish the load out and go home. The first thing I do is check out my ear because it's really starting to bother me. I get a flashlight, tweezers, and stand in front of my bathroom mirrors, which fortunately open up to a cabinet. Sure enough I can see barely see a grey rubber piece deep in my ear. Luckily on the third try I managed to pluck it out. Thought I was going to have to head to the Emergency Room.

Just another Saturday.

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