It's A JibJab Life

Another classic made by Tom Brinsley

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Math Camp Massacre

One more classic made by Tom Brinsley

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UnnecessaryForce (JibJab)

A classic made by Tom Brinsley,who has way too much time on his hands.

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Sales, Liquidation Style

So I saw an add on TV the other day for one those Liquidation Sales. All this great stuff slashed at rock bottom prices. I've never been to one of these before, but I've always been curious about the actual quality of items sold at these events. The whole atmosphere appears to have this carny feel to it. Pay to get into a building and see our great things for sale. Maybe flea market feel is a better way to describe how it appears to me.

If you know me then you know I love a bargain. Why pay top price for an item when you can find it cheaper some place else? Until I become a multimillionaire and can stop counting pennies, I'll continue my frugal ways.

It ended up that I never went. Still I'm wondering about the quality of items. Has anyone ever been to one these?


Home Repair Saga (the Finale)

I've been putting this off for a while, but figured I'd better give the final update to whole busted water line saga which plagued me over the fall season.

Bottom line, it's fixed. The bad news is I finally gave up and called a plumber. I just could never get the darn joints to stop leaking regardless of the method used to solder. Frustrating indeed. So on top of the original $150, the plumber cost around $400 (for about 45 minutes of work). It's seems a bit high, but at least I can do laundry again without leaving my house.

I patched up the wall with drywall and put a new piece of flooring down. I still have to paint someday, which will come when I paint the entire kitchen, and put down some trim.

Hopefully my next repair project will be a little smoother.

Here's the final picture


Laguna Niguel

Went out to Dana Point, CA last week for work and stayed the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel. A beautiful place on the Pacific Ocean with a great view and incredible sunsets. Too bad my camera battery died after two pictures. Here's a helpful hint - always take your battery charger with you or charge it up the night before. I missed taking a lot of pics because of this and had to use my cell phone camera instead. Naturally I have no way of getting these pictures off my camera.

Also had a chance to hit one of the best burger franchise In & Out Burger. Before we went there, my friend Eric informed me of their secret menu of which I had no idea. Find out more about it at this site:
. Animal Style!!!

Spent a lot of time at the hotel bar drinking the local flavor. It helped they had fun bartenders who loved us since we were the only guys in the place wearing tee shirt and jeans. These gals were a blast. One comment to leave you wondering about "I love hot cream". It always an attention getter, especially when a good looking lady says it.

Then the return trip home on Saturday. Long flights. I dont do well on small planes as I get motion sickness fairly easily. Dallas to the Fort was a small plane. They had the temperature too boiling hot and it was a bumpy ride. This equaled me feeling sick the entire time. I had to sleep through most of the trip.

All in all, good to get away for a couple days. It's not happening too often these days at work as we are experiencing the slowest Fall season that I can remember. I'm in danger of making less money than the year before for the first time in my career.