New Year's Eve

As I getting ready to get call it a day and sleep for a few hours, a thought popped up in my brain. I have nothing planned for New Year's Eve. This is the first time that's occurred in about twenty years.

Originally there were talks with some friends who live in Indianapolis about doing something. But that fell through because of few reasons. Not a big deal.

So that leaves me with three choices.

1. Go to my hometown and hang with friends - This has been the staple of mine since drinking age. A huge amount of us would get together at the local bar, get very drunk, and hang out. Over the last few years the group has gotten smaller and we've moved from the bar to someone's house. While getting drunk has been replaced by a few drinks. But this year, I've heard of nothing. And I'm not heading up there just sit around and do nothing. I've spent a lot of time in the area over the last couple of weeks doing that since my power was out for extended days.

2. Stay at home - It's cheaper. I can drink a few beers and easily go to sleep whenever I feel like it without worry. But I'd be alone, which is is rather sad on New Year's Eve, especially for a single guy.

3. Stay in Fort Wayne and head to a bar - Since I'm not one who generally frequents bars alone anyways, I highly doubt if I choose to do so on one of the busiest nights of the year when it costs more to enter the place. Still, a small part of me is tempted by the thought.

Well I have a few hours to think about it and something fun could still turn up tomorrow. Maybe's it's just getting older, but New Year's Eve doesn't seem like that big of deal to me anymore. Then again, maybe that's because I dont have any plans yet.

If you have any ideas, get a hold of me.

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