- Three more days until vacation. YES!!! Counting holidays and weekends, I'll be for a total of 18 days. DOUBLE YES!!!

- The troubled economy is hitting the AV market just like damn near ever other occupation. I've been at my current employer for ten years (yikes). In 2008 I traveled the least amount in 8 years, the least amount of hours I've worked in 9 years, and for the first time I am going to earn less money than the previous year. That hurts, especially when you need the OT to make decent money.

- Heading out to Vegas on Thursday for 3.5 days. One of my best friend's is getting married. It's going to be a fun time. But because of the statement above, it's really going to hurt me financially, even with the decent discounts. I've been to Vegas a couple of other times and I really dont care for it, mainly because I dont gamble and I'm not into all the tourist spots like the Strip. I'd be cool to actually go about town and check out the real city. On the plus side, it wont be 100+ degrees this time around. Actually the temperature is suppose to be kind of cold for Vegas. Only around 60 degrees, but hell that's a lot better than Fort Wayne right now. Maybe I'll get extremely lucky and toss a $20 in a machine for few thousand dollar return. That'd be sweet!

- Christmas is near. The end of the year is closing out. And in a couple of weeks I'll turn 35. Doesn't hardly seem possible.

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