VEGAS, baby! - the arrival

When Las Vegas is experiencing the coldest weather in years and gets six inches of snow the day before you leave to head out there0, then you might be in trouble. Fortunately, the flight out really wasn't that bad. It took a little longer than it was expected because of strong head winds.

Vegas. Such a unique place. Incredible buildings, all with a different theme. Enough blinking lights and sounds to make an A.D.D. suffer go into seizure mode. Lots of tourists. And nothing comes cheap. This is not the old Vegas. Those days are long gone as new casinos are constantly replacing old ones.

I really dont gamble, though I did lose $70 playing blackjack. And I've been out to Vegas a couple of times before and was able to check out the a lot sites on the strip and downtown. So what did I do this time - drank. A lot and often. I abused myself in ways that I haven't in years. After the third day of pouring different liquor and beers in my belly for 12 straight hours on little sleep or food, I was wiped out. Big time.

The whole reason for going out there was a friend's wedding, which happened on Saturday. And it went off well and all were happy. The post party was celebrated and this very upscale club called LAX in the Luxor where we had a private room over looking the jam packed club. I still hate these clubs, but scenery was nice and alcohol made it tolerable.

My final afternoon was spent walking around and feeling worn out. Then it was time to catch the red eye back to Indiana. Getting home and the weather that awaited...that's a different blog.

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