no work...still

So I'm rather pissed off right now. If you've been reading this blog, then you know that the AV world has been very slow in Fort Wayne since July. Companies just aren't holding meetings that need our services at the moment, thanks to the down turn in the economy. I've spent more hours wasting time at work than being productive. My wallet felt the crunch. If you didn't know these things, now you do.

Our main office in Indianapolis is still fairly busy at the moment. Last month, I told my boss and the guy in charge of scheduling techs in Indy that I am available to go on shows when they need help. Hopefully that would get me out and about earning some cash.

Then I go on vacation for about two and half weeks and come back on Monday. I find out from my boss that Indy had requested help for events this month, starting this weekend. The problem is my boss got the request back in December and forgot about it. I emailed the Indy contact to see if there was anything I could. Not surprisingly, he already filled the techs needed for these events with freelancers.

So in short, my boss cost me money. I could be out working and making some decent scratch for the first time in months. Instead, I'm stuck in the Fort Wayne office doing jack shit. And that pisses me off!!

Maybe I'll get a call for something later in the month. I hope so. I can afford to have my yearly earnings keep sliding down hill. I barely scrape by as it is.



Today is my birthday


I turned 35 today. It doesn't seem like it should be so. Certainly doesn't feel like it.

Actually it feels just like another day.