Another Day in the Fort

I realized it's been about 7 weeks since I put anything on here. The main reason was nothing was going on and I didn't have much to say. Dont really have anything to say now either, but oh well.

~ Work in Fort Wayne is still slow, but picked slightly last month. Plus I'm helping out our main office in Indy from time to time, which helps with the extra hours. In fact, I was in San Antonio last week and worked a bunch of hours. Also caught a cold from traveling and climate change to along with the blisters on my feet due to walking all over a convention center non-stop for 12 plus hours over a 4 day time period. Nice. At least those have healed and my cold has subsided.

~ Started my horror movies watched thread again and added horror novels read to it. Probably will only update once a month this time around.

~ I have another short story completed and should have it up later this week. One more read just to be sure.

~ Where is spring? I know it's close, but it's still too damn cold outside. It's time for a change in the weather.

~ I love my DVR and and streaming Netflix. Of course this means I watch way too much stuff.

~ When I buy a stack of blank DVD-R's, then I expect to burn in the DVD Recorder. The last batch dont. There's no explanation why, just an error code that I cant find out what it means. The DVD's burn fine in my PC. To bad most of what I want to transfer is old VHS stuff. DAMN!

~ Daylight Savings happens on Sunday. Still dont like it and feel it's rather dumb concept.