So last week I inquired about refinancing my mortgage. I received a quote on Friday that was about a 1.5% lower than my current rate. Sweet. I got some things in place over the holiday weekend to take care of closing costs and was very happy. Hey I was going to save around $80 a month. Nice. I talk to the loan agent on Tuesday and find out I have to fill out the application for refinancing. So I did it online that night and sent it off. I got confirmation on Wednesday evening the application was approved. However, rates went up slightly and my original estimate would be about $6 higher. The loan officer wants to talk and see if the process should be moved forward. OK, not that big of a deal. A small increase. This morning, look at the rates and they went up again. Now I'd be saving 1.25% or about $12 more than the originally quote. Not bad and it still saves me a bunch of money in the long run. I give the loan officer a call, leave a message that I will try again this afternoon. Which I just did. And guess what...rates went up again. Huge. Now I'd be only saving .75%, which is about $40 less than what I'm paying now. That's right in the matter of 3 days, mortgage rates skyrocketed up .75% and now I'm left to ponder. Do I still refinance at the current rate, which will still save me some money, or do I gamble and see if rates slowly come back down.

I'm so pissed right now. As usual, I decide to look into this stuff too late. A week earlier and I'd be set with a much lower interest rate. Now...who the hell knows?

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