making an official website

I've been getting very serious about getting my writing "out there" to be discovered. Which is why the first step was getting a domain name. Soon will be live. It's a work in progress and would be up now except I cant get the website builder (Yoola) connected and recognized through GoDaddy's hosting service. It's a learning process. One more go around through the help manual and it's an email to tech support.

Looking forward to a July 4th weekend. Four days off! Heading to Indy for a couple of days, then up to northern IN to Whitmer Lake for a day, then back home on Sunday. It's almost work driving around the country to see people. Next weekend it's off to Lafayette!

Took a wrestling trip last month. Myself along with a couple of buddies from Michigan headed to the Washington DC area for a couple of days, then up to Manhattan for a couple of days. It'll probably my only one of the year (keeping fingers crossed for a Boston-NYC trip in September) but the offer was just too good to pass up as a great friend, Greg, provided many people with very cost effective accommodations. Plus got to once again see a bunch of guys from Europe that I became pals with last year in Orlando. It's crazy the friendships that have been sparked due to a wrestling promotion called Ring of Honor and very, very generous human being named Greg. The wrestling events were good. The company was even better.

Very slow at work. Still. It's getting real scary.

Not much else going on.
Until next time.