One small leap...

Got to spend a couple of days in Dayton working at the Air Force Museum for the Aviation Hall of Fame. The banquet honored all the Apollo astronauts. The fourteen members (including Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Neil Armstrong, Tom Stafford, Jack Schmitt, and Fred Haise) were to give an hour talk, lead by former ABC News Journalist David Hart, about their missions. It was very interesting. Except the one hour turned into closer to two hours, which isn't fun when you have to run camera on your knees while on a concrete floor. After the first hour, my legs were numb and like jello. I couldn't wait for it end just so I could stand up.

I had some time to walk around one wing of the museum. I've never been into planes and such, but this place is awesome. So much history with in these walls. Not to mention the over all cool factor of the joint. Plus it's free to get in. I just may have to make a return to check out the whole thing.

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