Under Appreciated Horror Author #2 - Dan Simmons

NOTE: When discussing the author, I shall only comment on the books I've read.

Dan Simmons is a native of Peoria, IL and has written landmark novels in both science fiction (Hyperion series) and horror. His books have been not only been nominated but have won numerous awards. Yet to the mainstream, he has gone fairly unrecognized. He is often compared to Stephen King for his ability to write about small town folks dealing with unusual situations and the way he realistically writes children.

I've read three of his novels so far and have three more sitting on a shelf waiting.

Summer of Night is a classic tale of children finding something evil lurking in their small town. They come together to battle the evil while the adults refuse to recognize anything is wrong. It's a great coming of age story about friendships of youth. And an evil ass monster.

It's sequel, A Winter Haunting, deals with the main character, who is now grown up, coming home only find out things still aren't quite right. Another fine tale of man struggling to deal with his current life as a result of not coming to terms with his youth.

LoveDeath is a collection of novellas that deals with the subjects of love and death with in each tale. It's erotic, horrorifying, and beautifully written.

If you enjoy character driven horror tales, then you must give Dan Simmons a read. He is one of the best.

Notable Horor Books by Dan Simmons (not a complete list)

~ Song of Kali (1985) - World Fantasy Award winner

~ Carrion Comfort (1989) - Bram Stoker Award & British Fantasy Award winner 1989

~ Summer of Night (1991) - British Fantasy Award, 1992

~ Children of the Night (1992) - Locus Award 1993

~ Lovedeath (1993, short story collection)

~ The Hollow Man (1992)

~ A Winter Haunting (2002)

~ The Terror (2007)

~ Drood (2009)

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