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Fangoria Magazine

For several years, Fangoria has been one of my main sources for horror news. Back in high school and college, before I could afford a subscription, I would always take a little too long glancing at the magazine when I at the local book or grocery store. often I was asked to buy it or leave. Of course I'd return another day and make sure somebody different was working.

But those days I've been a loyal subscriber. Even in this day and age of the internet and over saturation of horror news and information, I still always turn to Fango. Their writers are top notch and their broad coverage of films in the genre is always appreciated. They fight for the little guys and the bigger studio flicks. Not to mention they've had some of the most gruesome covers of all time.

Fangoira continues to brand out their name via their website. There you can link up to daily news, the Fango Radio Show hosted by Dee Snider and the lovely Debra Rochon, and many other cool items. Something is always happening on the site.

I thank Fango for taking care of the horror craving of my youth and keeping me satisfied to this day.

For more horror information, a subscription, and more check out the Fango website Fangoria

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