31 Horror Favs (#18) - Takashi Miike

Takashi Miike (film director)

How does one go about describing the type of films Takashi Miike makes?
Violence. Check.
Graphic gore. Check.
Twisted and taboo subject matter. Checks.
Unapologetic, Over the top, disturbing. All checks.

Yet this only describes some of his films. The one's that garner the most attention from horror fans. Films like Audition (one of favorite horror films of all time about woman who isn't exactly what she appears to be), The Happiness of the Katakuris (a horror-comedy-musical about a family who owns a motel where the guests keep dying), Gozu (a surreal comedy-horror about a Yakazu member looking for his missing brother), Ichi the Killer (is about a sadistic enforcer for the Yakazu and a psychotic killer), and Visitor Q (a strange visitor seduces a wealthy family forever changing their lives). Then there's also One Missed Call, The Great Yokai War, Izu, MPD Psycho, his segment in 3 Extremes titled Box, and his episode Imprint in The Master of Horror series. All fun to watch.

On the flip side he's made movies for both independent and mainstream cinema in Japan. In addition to the films above abd his Yakazu movies, he's made fantasy films aimed at kids and even entered the romance genre. Takashi is not a one dimensional director that cant be pigeonholed into one particular genre or style.

Any fan of the horror genre should take time view this master at work. I always watch his newest releases and more often than not find them very entertaining and unique.

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