31 Horror Favs (#19) - VideoDrome {1983}

Videodrome (director: David Cronenberg)

In 1983 David Cronenberg released the mind bending, psychological horror flick Videodrome onto the world. The plot revolves around a TV Station President (Max Renn) and his search for a program that will break through to a new audience. He stumbles upon a show called Videodrome which depicts torture and brutal deaths. Max starts to pirate the show believing that snuff TV is the wave of the future but later he finds out that it's more of an ideological movement with a political agenda. The program causes cancer and hopes to eradicate the low life individuals in North America.

That's just the basics. The plots weaves much deeper into government conspiracies and it rides the edge of what's real and fantasy to the characters.

There really is no other movie like this one. It's a surrealistic, horror masterpiece in my opinion. Much like the majority of Cronenberg film's, he explores a person's fear of transformation usually with a violent outcome. And Videodrome is no different.

If you enjoy bizarre flicks that make you think, check out this one. "Long live the new flesh."

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