31 Horror Favs (#23) - David Lynch

David Lynch

David Lynch is best know for creating surreal, nightmarish tales in movie form. However, he is also an artist and an author. He is always expanding his creative works into different mediums. A true auteur who's works always dances around the brim of the horror realm.

I've personally been a fan of Lynch's work since the early 90's when I saw a little film called Blue Velvet. I love the way he explored the dark side of human nature in places that seem normal on the outside. This a theme which remains in the majority of his movies. I also enjoy the fact that not all of his movies need to wrapped up in the end. He leaves the viewer to interpret what happened for themselves. It's a brave move for a director, which more than likely explains why he's never had a major box office hit. But let's be honest, Lynch films aren't for every person.

I will always check out the latest release from David Lynch, no matter how bizarre the movie may seem.

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