31 Horror Favs (#29) - Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


While growing up in a small town located in North Eastern Indiana, late night Friday and Saturday nights were a great time to watch horror. On Friday, a local station air the classics from 30's-60's. These were great and gave a solid foundation of scares.

But as youngster with raging hormones, Saturday night was the best. Movie Macabre. Elvira time.

She oozed sexy. She was a quirky and funny. And let's face it, her boobs damn near popping out her tight, black dress made it very pleasurable for the eyes. She was the perfect host of a horror show, something of which is seen less and less these days.

Looking back, sure most of the skits were awful. And the movies they played were normally B grade at best. And the show was edited down for TV and packed full of commercials. But again, what else did a twelve year old boy have going on in the Indiana during the late 80's.

The show became must see viewing. Not only for the host and the flicks but to see how long you could stay awake. It's late at night. You're in a your room with the lights out and the TV volume barely audible. You hear a banging outside the window. You're heart beats a little faster. Your imagination races with horrific scenarios. Do you dare take a peak and see what's making the noise?

It may sound silly, but from ages 10-15 this was damn near an every weekend thing. And I make no apologies for it...or the horror icon Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

Thank you Cassandra Peterson.

Check out Elvira at her website Elvira

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