Horror Fans and The Definition of Horror

A few weeks back Horror Yearbook asked the question "What kind of horror fan are you? Below is the aritcle, followed by the poll to log your results.

Horror Yearbook

The Poll

It seems that of the choices, I'm an INDIE horror fan. Though I do enjoy GORE and FRIGHTS, while tending to be a little ANALYTICAL at times. I watch almost any kind of horror film so SUBGENRE isn't a big deal. While critical of most MAINSTREAM movies, I'll still watch.

Then back in August the Freddy In Space Blog had a discussion about "What is horror?" The piece is below.

Freddy in Space

Horror is hard to define, because it's based pure emotion. There are many aspects to this emotion and it effects individuals differently. What terrifies you, could be tame to me. Acts that horrorify you, may be a daily occurence in my life. You get the point.

So to me, the broad definition of horror is anything that attempts to tap into emotions of fear through physical or ceberal actions.

What about you?

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