Travels to San Diego

I always enjoy traveling to new place places. Fortunately my job enables me to visit many places that I might not normally get to. Unfortunately, there is usually little free time and end up seeing more of fancy hotel ballrooms and/or convention centers than the actual city.

In mid January I was able to head to San Diego. And I actually had a couple of nights with free time to check tout the Gaslamp Quarter...however due to the worst rain storms in over 25 years, I was stuck on the hotel property. I was able to partake a few restaurants for lunches, where I tried fish tacos for the first time, and walked around the ballpark.

I really dug the laid back vibe in this city. The melting pot of people were friendly and helpful. And as a single man, I'm not sure that ever seen so many beautiful women. It's easy to comprehend why people move out here. If it wasn't for the mass amount of people crammed into this space, I'd considered it some day. Hell, I still might.

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Serial Novels: Anno Dracula

Kim Newman has created a series of books which is part horror and part revisionist history. He bases the series on this premise: Dracula and the people in the Bram Stoker novel were real and what would happened if Dracula actual won their battle. From there he starts changing history as humans and vampires live side by side through the 1900's with each book taking a critical point in time (turn of the century 1900, WWI, and 1959).

I find these fascinating reads as Newman weaves facts and fiction to create a unique universe with credibility and ease. Great stuff.

1. Anno Dracula

2. The Bloody Red Baron

3. Judgement of Tears (AKA Dracula Cha Cha Cha)


The MAC was burning

I was going to write about this when it happened, but got lazy.

My MacBook had been acting a little weird. Constantly thinking with the spinning wheel of color. It would do for a couple of hours and start overheating. It all started about a month after I installed Snow Leopard. So I uninstalled it and wiped the drive clean, putting back in it's orginal state from 3 years ago. Not a huge deal. But the power was still shaky. It would randomly not be able to charge or use electric power. I pinpointed it to a short in the power cable and dealt with it for a couple of days. On Christmas Eve, the darn thing wouldn't charge again. A messed with a bit and couldn't get it to work. Then I smelt the faint scent of burning. I yanked the power supply from the MacBook and picked it up. Scorching hot! And I finally found the source of the problem. It burned through (see pictures below).

So off I run to BestBuy. Not happy about having to go to retail store on Christmas Eve. I'm in the extremely busy store. I grab the new power supply for a mere $80 (OUCH! that more expensive then I thought) and head to the checkout line which winds to nearly the back of the store. Almost 40 minutes later I check out. It took me a shorter amount of time to get to the store and grab the power supply than it did to pay for it.

Now dont me wrong, I really enjoy my MacBook. But for a computer that costs as much as it did and only being 3 years old, there has been numerous things go wrong since the warranty expired. And most I haven't fixed because it costs too much money. And in all honesty, the computer has been well kept and not over used at all.
1. A thin layer of the surface, near the front edge has peeled away. Almost all the way down the front with the exception of around the mouse pad.
2. The CD/DVD drive went out. Well not entirely. I can play and burn DVD's but it wont read or burn CD's anymore. Dont know why.
3. The power supply burnt up after 3 years.
4. The Snow Leopard compatibility issue.
5. Battery died after 1.5 years

My bitch session is finished now. It'd would just be nice to get a computer, no matter what the cost, either Mac or PC that would hold up. So far, I replace PC's about every 3-4 years and the 3 year old MacBook seems to be falling apart.

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