The MAC was burning

I was going to write about this when it happened, but got lazy.

My MacBook had been acting a little weird. Constantly thinking with the spinning wheel of color. It would do for a couple of hours and start overheating. It all started about a month after I installed Snow Leopard. So I uninstalled it and wiped the drive clean, putting back in it's orginal state from 3 years ago. Not a huge deal. But the power was still shaky. It would randomly not be able to charge or use electric power. I pinpointed it to a short in the power cable and dealt with it for a couple of days. On Christmas Eve, the darn thing wouldn't charge again. A messed with a bit and couldn't get it to work. Then I smelt the faint scent of burning. I yanked the power supply from the MacBook and picked it up. Scorching hot! And I finally found the source of the problem. It burned through (see pictures below).

So off I run to BestBuy. Not happy about having to go to retail store on Christmas Eve. I'm in the extremely busy store. I grab the new power supply for a mere $80 (OUCH! that more expensive then I thought) and head to the checkout line which winds to nearly the back of the store. Almost 40 minutes later I check out. It took me a shorter amount of time to get to the store and grab the power supply than it did to pay for it.

Now dont me wrong, I really enjoy my MacBook. But for a computer that costs as much as it did and only being 3 years old, there has been numerous things go wrong since the warranty expired. And most I haven't fixed because it costs too much money. And in all honesty, the computer has been well kept and not over used at all.
1. A thin layer of the surface, near the front edge has peeled away. Almost all the way down the front with the exception of around the mouse pad.
2. The CD/DVD drive went out. Well not entirely. I can play and burn DVD's but it wont read or burn CD's anymore. Dont know why.
3. The power supply burnt up after 3 years.
4. The Snow Leopard compatibility issue.
5. Battery died after 1.5 years

My bitch session is finished now. It'd would just be nice to get a computer, no matter what the cost, either Mac or PC that would hold up. So far, I replace PC's about every 3-4 years and the 3 year old MacBook seems to be falling apart.

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