Travels to San Diego

I always enjoy traveling to new place places. Fortunately my job enables me to visit many places that I might not normally get to. Unfortunately, there is usually little free time and end up seeing more of fancy hotel ballrooms and/or convention centers than the actual city.

In mid January I was able to head to San Diego. And I actually had a couple of nights with free time to check tout the Gaslamp Quarter...however due to the worst rain storms in over 25 years, I was stuck on the hotel property. I was able to partake a few restaurants for lunches, where I tried fish tacos for the first time, and walked around the ballpark.

I really dug the laid back vibe in this city. The melting pot of people were friendly and helpful. And as a single man, I'm not sure that ever seen so many beautiful women. It's easy to comprehend why people move out here. If it wasn't for the mass amount of people crammed into this space, I'd considered it some day. Hell, I still might.

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