Under Appreciated Horror Authors #5 - Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey Campbell is one of the most prolific horror writers working today. Yet once again, he is relatively unknown to people and fans outside the horror realm. And he's had stories published since the late sixites. What I like most about this highly awarded, British author is the fact that he honestly states "I write horror". There's no sugar coating to be found.

A great lover of the Lovecraft's Cthulu, a lot of his work is influenced by it. Later works of fiction focus on both different supernatural occurences and the sheer daily terror which people can encounter.

My first read by Campbell was The Parasite, which is about an entity living inside a human a slowly taking over. A great book which actually helped me figure out a similar story I was working on at the time. I've also read several short stories of his since. And I have a couple of novels waiting in my reading pile.

For about the author, please visit his website

- The Face That Must Die (1978)
- The Nameless (1980)
- The Incarnate (1983) British Fantasy Award winner, Best Novel
- The Hungry Moon (1986) British Fantasy Award winner, Best Novel
- The Influence (1988) British Fantasy Award winner, Best Novel
- Ancient Images (1989) Bram Stoker Award winner, Best Novel

- Alone With Horrors (1993) Stoker Award of the Horror Writers of America winner, Best Collection / World Fantasy Award winner, Best Collection
- The House on Nazareth Hill (1996) International Horror Guild winner, Best Novel / British Fantasy Award nominee, Best Novel
- The Grin of the Dark (2007) British Fantasy Society winner, Best Novel

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Will Errickson said...

I'm a fan of Campbell's short story collections Dark Companions and Cold Print. The one novel I've read of his, The Nameless, was underwhelming, but other books by him sound promising; I've got a good handful on my shelf. Always good to see Campbell get more appreciation!