Under Appreicated Horror Author #6 - Richard Laymon

Richard Laymon wrote many well received novels in the horror genre before he died in 2001. His peers knew him well, however to non-horror fans he's basically an unknown. And that's a shame. Also published novels under Carl Laymon and Richard Kelly. Many of his short stories can be found in collections.

I've read Cuts, about a serial killer, which was as graphic and brutal of a novel as anything I read before. This was my first forray into Laymon. A handful of other a setting in my pile of books to read.

- The Cellar (1980) {Beast House Trilogy #1)
- The Beast House (1986) {Beast House Trilogy #2}
- Flesh (1987) Stoker Award Nominee
- Funland (1989) Stoker Award Nominee
- The Stake (1990)
- Bite (1996)
- The Midnight Tour (1998) {Beast House Trilogy #3}
- The Traveling Vampire Show (2000) Bram Stoker Award winner

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Horror Movies Watched and Books Read (March 2010)


3/1 - The Children (2009) ***
An enjoyable little fright flick, that probably hits a nerve a bit more if you have kids. It's still effective movie.

3/3 - Satan's Little Helper (2004) **
An interesting idea which becomes kind of a one trick pony after awhile.

3/4 - Organizm (2008) *
I was pretty well drunk when I started watching this movie. And all the alcohol in my body couldn't convince me this didn't have loads of bad acting & special effects. I shut it off, slammed my drink, and went to sleep.

3/6 - Antichrist (2009) ***
I've read other reviews that call this art house horror. I'd tend to agree. The first 2/3 of the movie is a lot of boring dialog and sex. But the third is worth the price of admission alone. This movie has one of the most fucked up scenes I've watched in a movie (I cringed). And there's another scene which contains an image I've never witnessed before in film.

3/9 - Wizard of Gore (2007) **1/2
Gotta love Crispen Glover in this Hershel Gordan Lewis remake that doesn't shy away from blood.

3/11 - The Ferry Man (2007) **
This New Zealand horror movie didn't really do anything for me. Felt way to long. The only reason I didn't hit the fast forward button was because the remote was out of reach and I was lazy.

3/14 - Triangle (2009) ***
This is the type of movie that will either become better after a second viewing when you see all the small touches in this multi-layered story or becomes much worse because the surprises are gone. But after the first viewing, this is an great Twilight Zone feel of a movie.

3/17 - Broken (2009) *
After the first twenty minutes, I was bored with the familiar tale of a woman being held & tortured by a lunatic. I made it through the next fifteen before turning it off to take a shower.

3/19 - Skeleton Crew (2009) *1/2
A film is being made about a crazy, serial killer doctor and it's being filmed at the asylum where the events took place. The director starts going off the deep end. Dispite low budget, it had potential but couldn't pull it all together.

3/20 - Blood Creek (2010) ***
The first half of this movie is a solid suspense tale with a nice backstory. Suspend your disbelief for the second half and get through the bad CGI and this is an entertaining horror movie.

3/21 - 4Bia (2008) ***1/2
Another fine effort from Thailand. This ghost story anthology is a fun outing. The final segment was my favorite but the opening tale had a twist that I never saw coming.

3/23 - Red Sands (2009) **1/2
A good cast, a solid story, and eerie setting makes this one you may want to check out.

3/24 - Colour from the Dark (2010)
I'm a sucker for films based on Lovecraft stories. This one falls a bit short though.

3/26 - Parasite Eve (1997) **
You can skip this adaptation of the kick ass video game. It's nothing too special.

3/28 - The Darkroom (2005) *1/2
Not even good actors can save this mess of a movie.

3/29 - Orphan(2009) ***1/2
A pretty darn good horror flick, which I probably would've rated slightly higher if the big surprise hadn't been ruined for me by watching Tosh.0 a couple of weeks ago (he gave it away). Still it's well worth watching.


Phantoms by Dean Koontz ****
This could be my second favorite Koontz novel (after The Taking). If you've only see the movie, do yourself a favor and pick up the book.

Red by Jack Ketchum ****
Not a true horror novel, but it does explode in violence ala the usual Ketchum way. Actually, it's a rather cool novel about an old man wanting justice for the murder of his beloved dog. What pet owner cant relate?

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
Full of facts, witty fun, and general common sense. This it's everything one could want in a survival manual.

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