Under Appreicated Horror Author #6 - Richard Laymon

Richard Laymon wrote many well received novels in the horror genre before he died in 2001. His peers knew him well, however to non-horror fans he's basically an unknown. And that's a shame. Also published novels under Carl Laymon and Richard Kelly. Many of his short stories can be found in collections.

I've read Cuts, about a serial killer, which was as graphic and brutal of a novel as anything I read before. This was my first forray into Laymon. A handful of other a setting in my pile of books to read.

- The Cellar (1980) {Beast House Trilogy #1)
- The Beast House (1986) {Beast House Trilogy #2}
- Flesh (1987) Stoker Award Nominee
- Funland (1989) Stoker Award Nominee
- The Stake (1990)
- Bite (1996)
- The Midnight Tour (1998) {Beast House Trilogy #3}
- The Traveling Vampire Show (2000) Bram Stoker Award winner

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