The Meme

I decided to fill out this thing called a "meme" from the blog Billy Loves Stu :

So here's my answers to the first ever Billy Loves Stu Meme for Horror Bloggers

1: In Ten Words or Less, Describe Your Blog:
Random thoughts on horror entertainment and my other interests.

2: During What Cinematic Era Where you Born?
E: The Exorcism Era (Early to mid 70's)

3: The Carrie Compatibility Question: Sue Snell or Chris Hargensen, who would you take to the prom?
Sue Snell because I'd never have a chance on getting a date with Hargensen.

4: You have been given an ungodly amount of money, and total control of a major motion picture studio - what would your dream Horror project be?
That's tough. There are so many great works that could be adapted to screen and there's my own ideas running in my head. But I'd have to choose The Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson (which has been in pre-production for years)

5: What horror film "franchise" that others have embraced, left you cold?
Final Destination

6: Is Michael Bay the Antichrist?
Since I'm athesist, I cant really believe in the Antichrist. But he is one evil mother fucker who is pointlessly destroying great horror movies with dumbed down pieces of shit movies just to make a few bucks. (wow, I feel better)

7: Dracu
la, The Wolf Man, The Frankenstein Monster - which one of these classic villains scares you, and why?

The Wolf Man because in human form, Larry Talbot could be your best bud. Then every full moon you could be his lunch.

8: Tell me about a scene from a NON HORROR Film that scares the crap out of you:
During the excruciating rape scene in Irreversible for a moment a man walks into the background and sees what is occurring, then quickly leaves without helping or saying a word. To me, knowing somebody sees such a horrific violation of a person and chooses to do nothing is truly frightening.

9: Baby Jane Hudson invites you over to her house for lunch. What do you bring?
Something she enjoys eating and new sneakers on my feet to run the hell out of there if need be.

10: So, between you and me, do you have any ulterior motives for blogging? Come, on you can tell me, it will be our little secret, I won't tell a soul.
Like all my writing, I do it for myself first. If I gain followers and admirors on my blog then great. If I eventually get published for the fiction stories I write, that'd be cool too. To quite the daily grind and live off writing would be a dream.

11: What would you have brought to Rosemary Woodhouse's baby shower?
Am I Satanist who knows the deal or a friend of hers? It matters.

12: Godzilla vs The Cloverfield Monster, who wins?
Cloverfield monster. It's bigger and should avoid the fire breathing of Godzilla.

13: If you found out that Rob Zombie was reading your blog, what would you post in hopes that he read it?
I might post something about it, not because I'd want him to respond, but because it'd be fairly awesome. But then again, I might not.

14: What is your favorite NON HORROR FILM, and why?
Damn. Not sure I can pick just one favorite film. This is not right. Well, off the top of my head Fight Club.

15: If blogging technology did not exist, what would you be doing?
Since I make about zero cash on my blogging adventure, I would still be doing what I normally do - work my AV job to pay bills and write stories when I have time.

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