Under Appreciated Horror Authors #7 - Sarah Langan

It's rare that an author with only a few novels under their belt makes such a great impact on the genre. Sarah Langan has done just that and horror fans who've read her tales are more than happy about it. She has a unique voice and uncanny way of putting a new spin on classic fright themes.

Sara burst on the scene with The Keeper, a story about a small town haunted by its past and a spirit. I flew through the chilling story and wanted more. I got my wish with The Missing, a loose sequel where inhabitants of a town get infected with a virus. This is not your normal zombie infected drivel. This is awesome. I have Audrey's Door on my shelf waiting to be read. It's about a haunted house.

I look forward to the well crafted tales of this fine author. She has my attention, now it time she gets yours.

The Keeper - Bram Stoker winner, Best First Novel

Missing aka Virus - Bram Stoker winner, Superior Achievment in Novel

Audrey's Door - Bram Stoker winner, Superior Achievment in Novel

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