Horror Movies Watched and Books Read (June 2010)


Nosferatu, The Vampyre (1979) ***
The story of Dracula from the mind of German director Wernor Herzog. A little slow at times but captivating none the less

Cravings (2006) **1/2
A unique twist on the vampire mythology. Too bad it the movie wasn't able to get to the next level.

Onechanbara: Samurai Bikini Squad (2008) **1/2
Hot looking Asian women fighting zombies with kitana swords. Over exaggerated bloodshed. Nothing great, but worth watching if you enjoy those sorts of things.

Xtro (1983) **
This cult horror/sci-fi movie about a man who gets taken by aliens and only his son sees it. He returns a few years later to claim his seed. This is a bizarre, uneven flick which is probably awesome if experiencing mind altering drugs.

Danika (2006) **1/2
An over protective mother starts to question her sanity. A decent movie, but fairly predictable.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007) **1/2
This faux documentary about a notorious serial killer is absolutely brutal at times and at other times, completely distracting with is cinematic choices. I heard great things, but ultimately it was a let down.

Daybreakers (2009) ***1/2
I love the concept behind the story. A solid cast drives the vampire tale home. I was put off a little bit by the special effects. There seemed to be so much more of the story to tell. If the Spiegel brothers had a larger budget, maybe that would have happened. Still, the movie worked for me.

Cornered! (2008) *1/2
A serial killer takes out people in a convenience store. Starring Steve Guttenberg. Seriously that's the hook. Lots of talk and couple of decent kills but way you see the ending a mile away.

Red Velvet (2009) **
Another serial killer movie with lots of talk. A really good set up is ruined by sheer stupidity at the end.

Life Blood aka Murder World (2009) *
To quote the movie Spinal Tap. "Two words: shit sandwich." Not even Charles Napier and Mickie from Seinfeld can save this abomination.

The Other Side (2009) **1/2
A decent flick about a soul escaping from Hell to make right with his girl. And the bounty hunters from Hell who try to stop him.

The Echo (2008) **
Not scary. Predictable. Remake of an Filipino horror movie.

Cat in the Brain (1990) **1/2
Lucio Fulci directs and stars in this bizarre gorefest about a director battling his mental demons and a serial killer subplot.


The Bottoms by Joe R. Lansdale ****

This novel is really more a coming of age story set in East Texas during the Great Depression. But it does deal with a serial killer and creature of lore called the "Goat Man". An excellent story.

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