Commuity: A love/hate relationship

After all the hype surrounding NBC's hit comedy Community, I decided to give it try. Actually I started watching it when the series debuted, but after the first three episodes gave up. I didn't care for the concept. But as the year went on and many people raved about the show, I gave it another try. So I finished up season one and still have mixed feelings about the show.

At times I find the series to be brilliant with it's writing. At other times I am simply annoyed with watch I watching.

1. Joel McHale aka Jeff Winger: I have never cared for Joel McHale. There's something about him which makes me loathe him as an actor. The same goes for the character of Jeff Winger. Everything about that character I despise. He redeems himself on occasions but in between he's just a first class asshole. And the whole concept why Winger is forced to go back to college is ludicrous. If he was a secondary character instead of the focal point, I could handle him a lot better.

2. Chevy Chase: Chevy has always been hit or miss for me. When he's on as the goofball fuck up, it's classic (see Vacation). When the guy is off he simply looks pathetic. To many times in the show it feels like he's forcing the performance relying on physical gags and over exaggerations.

1. The rest of cast. They nail it every time out. Abed (Dani Pudi)and Troy (Donald Glover) are the oddball glue which keeps me tuning in. Annie, Britta, and Shirley round out the rest of the gang with strong and different female characters. And the secondary character are hilarious as well from Senor Chang to Dean Pelton to Star-Burns and even to Vaughn.

2. All the movie references. The show rips on classic and not so classic themes all the time and flat out mimics scenes from popular movies on occasions. Being a movie buff, I love this stuff. Either you'll get the references or you don't.

Community: The Complete First Season

"Comparative Religion" (Episode 12) - Anthony Michael Hall rocks as the bully and the fight scene at the end it epic. Also there's a good message about religious tolerance and acceptance.

"Modern Warfare" (Episode 23) - The paintball episode will goes down as classic television as it riffs on all action stereotypes.

The show usually makes me laugh. NBC has pushed the series from day one. The network is always putting guest stars on the show and with the successful ratings it isn't going anywhere. My DVR will be set and I'll continue watching.

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