Under Appreciated Horror Authors #8 - Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler combines horror, sci-fi, thriller, and action with ease to make an entertaining story which usually have a strong technical aspect to them as well. He releases much of work free via podcast, which made him into a best seller author with a loyal fan base. This is the way I discovered him. The podcast brings the stories alive and feels like old time audio serial.

The first novel I listened to was Infected, about a disease that ends up being an alien invasion. This was followed by it's sequel Contagious. Then a I listened to The Nocturnals about a group of secret mutants living underneath San Francisco.

Do yourself a favor and check out more from this author at

Notable Novels
The Nocturnal
Infected (nominated for a Parsec Award)
Infected: A Novel

Contagious: A Novel

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