Horror Movies Watched and Books Read (Sept 10)


The Omen (2006) **1/2
The remake of the classic movie is well made and acted. But why? Especially since so much of it is an exact copy of the original. Just not necessary.

Day of the Beast (1995) ***1/2
This horror comedy from Spanish director Alex de la Ingelsia is about a priest who deciphers a code which predicts when the Antichrist is going to be born. With the help of a death metal fan & a TV host of the supernatural he sets out to save the world.

MPD Psycho (2000) ***
Takashi Miike's miniseries is the blueprint for bizarre. A homicide detective sees his wife murdered by a serial killer and develops Multiple Personality Disorder. One of his "personalities" escapes and is transported from different individuals via a barcode on the inside of the eye. This personality commits copycat murders of the serial killer and the detective must try to track the "personality" down. It's unique and typical Miike, but at times very hard to follow.

Suicide Girls Must Die (2010) *1/2
Suicide Girls go to Maine to shoot a calendar. They start disappearing. Without giving anything away, which isn't hard to figure out, the movie is all over the place and never really knows who it wants to be a horror movie or a reality documentary.

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010) **1/2
Just cheesy, campy fun as the group of maniacs are forced out of their town and hit the road where they stumble upon a group making a reality TV show.

# True Blood, Season 3 (2010) ****
This season we are introduced to the were-creatures, mainly werewolves and a very old & powerful vamp bent on controlling the world. Of course there's the love-hate triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric. Jason falls in love & wants to become a cop. Tara is kidnapped by a deranged vamp. Laffayette falls for a man witch and discovers something about himself. Sam finds his birth parents. Plus we find out what Sookie is. All in all, another solid season from the characters of Bon Temps.

Colin (2010) ***
This ultra low budget zombie movie is unique as the point of view is told from the man who has just turned into one of the walking dead. A little slow at moments but definitely worth the watch.

The Last Supper (1992) **
A doctor with the taste for human flesh finds a subculture that caters to his needs. This Japanese movie is a bit strange, but really didn't keep me interested.

The Tormented (2010) **1/2
Rich kids bully another student until he commits suicide, then his ghost comes back for payback. Nothing really stood out in this UK import, maybe I'm just getting to old to enjoy these types of horror movies.

# Haven, Season 1 (2010) ***
A SyFy channel series based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King where an FBI agent stumbles upon a town with several odd occurrences happening. A quirky little series with some ups and downs. The first season relies too much on the "strange thing of week" mold instead of focusing on the bigger mystery of what is causing "the troubles". Maybe that will change in season 2.


The Walking Dead Vol. 5: The Best Defense (v. 5)
The Walking Dead 5: The Best Defense *****
This series is incredible. Each episode digs deeper under your skin. Just when you think it wont get any darker or nihilistic, it does. This is an amazing human survival opus.

Golem by Edward Lee ***1/2
No one writes poor, white trash characters (for lack of another term) and the lengths of horrific acts they are willing to commit better than Edward Lee. In this one, two old towns in Maryland have had a feud for years. One group summons the power of the legendary Golem to wipe them out. Flash forward to present day and the descendant of the original towns people try to re summon it to help take over the drug trade. Very unique.

The Strain (The Strain Trilogy)
The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan ****1/2
This book had me hooked from the first chapter. Very procedural at times with the details of what the CDC must do. But makes no mistake, there is sheer terror on the pages as this vampiric virus explodes onto the population. A must read.

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