My Favorite Haunted House & Ghost Movies

All things haunted is the sub-genre today. Ghosts, specters, apparitions, and so on which haunt the establishments we live in.

These are my 8 favorites.

* The Haunting (1963)
The Haunting
The ultimate haunted house story. This movie does a great job of letting your mind take over and filling in what's on the other side of the door. This movie is simple amazing.

* Poltergeist (1982)
Poltergeist (25th Anniversary Edition)
When you build a housing addition on an Indian burial ground then bad things will happen. A fun movie full of creepiness, like the clown and the old lady.

* A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
A Tale of Two Sisters (Two-Discs)
This Korean import is one of my all time favorite movies. Two sisters return home from a mental institution where they must deal with their father and stepmother. Part mystery and part ghost story, this is nothing short of classic cinema.

* Devil's Backbone (2001)
The Devil's Backbone (Special Edition)
Guillermo Del Toro directs this film about a bording school filled with the ghost of a former student. A beautifully shot movie filled with chills that immerses you into a child like state.

* The Changeling (1980)
The Changeling
Actor George C. Scott chews up scenery like it's nothing in this chilling tale about a grieving father who retreats to a countryside mansion which happens to be haunted.

* Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)
Ju-on (The Grudge)
The original, Japanese version of The Grunge is simply terrifying. Stay away from vengeful spirits. The mood and the sounds are what get to me in this movie.

* Phantom of the Opera ()
The Phantom of the Opera - The Ultimate Edition (1925 Original Version and 1929 Restored Version)
I love this tale of the disfigured phantom haunting the opera house. I'm not sure there's more of an iconic image than the look of horror on Lon Chaney Sr. when the mask is ripped off his face to reveal the hideousness underneath.

* The Eye (2002)
The Eye
This import from the Pang Brothers is about a woman who gets a cornea transplant and realizes she can now see ghosts. It's very creepy and subtle film.

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